Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not all hiccups are annoying

(Originally posted 12/7/09) Our sweet little baby has entertained me for months now with his little hiccups in utero. Based on the way he's been positioned in my stomach, I typically see my pregnant belly hop on the lower left side to the beat of his hiccups. He usually does this at least two times a day - it's so cute!

Jason laughs at me because whenever we're together and little Couni starts to hiccup, I always get excited and point out the little hiccup hops on my tummy. They're always the same, but I never get tired of marveling how he can hiccup inside of me.

He's hiccuping right now. Could this be his last set of hiccups in utero? I will miss the feeling of his hiccups, but I cannot wait to make a big smiling deal of our baby's hiccups when I'm holding him!

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